Tuesday, 22 April 2008

My birthday present from my mum, 2 blueberry bushes in 2 pots I found in a skip.

Spring........and soon its growing. More random pics......but still a few bits of grass to dig.

Roughly laying out paths to be done later.

Still no shed so have to sit outside. I think the first year is getting to know the soil. I am by a brook so it be a bit wet but overall the soil is lovely. I dug a couple of hours a day here and there. As soon as I dug I planted with bulbs, seeds or good old potatoes.

I started my half plot in 2006. Here are the lines marking it out. Decided to split it up into 3 triangles with a flower bed at the end. It was all covered with couch grass so took awhile to fork all the roots out.