Wednesday, 13 January 2010

Steps up to the brook. Added a few pots which I will plant up eventually. Have planted lots of bluebell bulbs so hoping for a display in spring.
The view from the shed. A big bit of black plastic covering a bit I have not started yet. Am going to make a pond plus move the compost bins down onto this bit.

The path is a bit wobbly but I have to shift stuff by myself and I am not a builder. It is straight enough for me.

Maybe at a later date I may straighten it up a bit more.

You can see the primary school in the background.

The children view through the fence so I try to make it interesting for them in the summer.

Behind me is the brook which has not flooded for at least 5 years but it could at any time as it is a flood plain and hence why the land has not been developed.
Early broadbeans, more wallflowers to add some colour in spring and my garlic. 1 row under cloches and 1 row without. The row with cloches is growing well.
Wallflwers at the front then raspberries at the back. My 2 dogs on the look out for foxes.
My cabbages, the reds nearly all eaten just a few savoys left.

Winter 2009

This was taken in between the snow. The ground is frozen solid but the brassicas are doing well and feeding us through winter.

I want to dig to extend paths to end of plot but cannot yet.

The shed is fine....I leave it unlocked now after the padlock and bolt was forced off. They did not take anything just emptied my silver seed storage box. I think they thought they had found seeds.

Where my number is will be all dug to make a flower bed. Luckily I was given some Dahlia tubers so hopefully next summer I will have a flowerful display.

Plus I want to try and grow some sweet corn.